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Welcome to Services by Alumni, a new unique type of business listing service based on Alumni Groups.

What is an Alumni ?

An Alumni is a person who has attended or has graduated from a school, college, or university.


An Alumni is also a person who is a former employee of a business / company or member of an organization or social group.

Combined these are referred to as Alumni Groups.

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Recent Alumni Listings

Alumni Year 1970

Animals - Training

Mathews K-9 Solutions
Globe,  AZ AZ
South West - USA
Alumni Year 1984

Insurance - Commerical

Capitol City Insurance
Austin,  AK 78759
Pacific Coast - USA
Alumni Year 2004

Marketing - Graphic Design

Portland,  OR 97214
Pacific Coast - USA

How Services by Alumni works: 

Service by Alumni on Facebook

Services by Alumni has been designed to compliment Alumni Groups & Pages found on Facebook.

Alumni Groups on Facebook can now give their Alumni a way to list their business or work information in an organized manner so that other alumni can find and direct business their way.


Alumni view other Alumnus Business or Service Listings, they see someone they know that offers what they are looking for and they contact that Alumni about their service or business offerings directly.

Listing Benefit Received:

  • Alumni can find your Business or Service easier by:
    Geographic location & Category

  • Greater Internet exposure

  • Helps to increases your Search Engine placement by providing valuable SEO BackLink

  • Source of new clients

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