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Recent Alumni Listings

Alumni Year 2003

Retail Store -

Thayer Furniture & Design Studio
Tulsa,  OK 74105
Central South - USA
Alumni Year 1984

Real Estate - Sales Associate

Margie Delahan, e-PRO Northwood Realty
Allison Park,  PA 15101
Mid Atlantic - USA
Alumni Year 1988

Professional Services - Photographer

GreenEarth Photography
Denver,  CO 80211
Rocky Mountain - USA

How did Services by Alumni get started?

Services by Alumni was developed to meet a need that other social content providers did not provide in an organized or easy to use manner.

If you are a FaceBook or Linkedin member for example how many times have you seen a posting, which we refer to as a Shout Out, by users asking if anyone knows someone who provides a particular service or business:


"Does anyone know of a good Auto Mechanic ?"

"Who can recommend a good Accountant ? "

"Anyone know someone that works at Bank of America ? "

"Who knows someone in New York that has a Limo Service ? "


Although these Shout Outs in most cases will get an answer to the questions asked, the answers are quickly pushed out of sight and forgotten. So users tend to post the same Shout Outs over and over again.

Just about everyone is an Alumni of something, be it a High School, College, Work place, Club or Association, so we thought wouldn't it be great to have the ability to quickly find other Alumni you know that have businesses or services you are looking for to use.

Added benefit Service by Alumni can provide:

Let's say you graduated from a High School on the East Coast, and because of work or other influences, you end up living in the San Francisco area.

Now because of the way in which Services by Alumni works, you can search for other Alumni also living in the San Francisco area that provide the service or have the type of business you need.

Why would you do this ?

Because we'd all like to deal with a business or service with people we know or have something in common with are invloved





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