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Services by Alumni Listing Overview

A listing highlights your business or service, shows contact information, along with a short overview of the business or service (click sample listing on right). A Listing is a 1 Page Flyer users can print.

Listings are grouped together by Alumni Groups, although your listing can be seen by anyone, regardless of Alumni Group. A listing is also a great way to generate new clients or contacts.  

You can have as many different listings as you wish for as many Alumni Groups you belong too and for as many businesses or services you provide.

A listing is another location on the internet for your business or service, which helps with search engines, this is referred to as a backlink the more backlink's you have, the more search engines like you. Your listing is constructed in such a way to optimize your Search Engine placement, based on Category, Content & Geography.

If you're just listing your current employer then are providing a contact for fellow Alumni where you work.

Whatever contact information you would like to include in your listing will be shown along with your basic Alumni information, Geographic location, Category and Sub Categories (see click sample listing).

Other Contact information you can include in your listing:

• Like your Facebook page
• Email
• Web site
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Linkedin
• youtube
• Map Directions (can be hidden)

You have full control over your listings content.

Have multiple businesses or services - No problem you can have a different listings per each Alumni Group you belong to, with each listing being unique by the Contact information, Category / Sub-Category and descriptive content.

Full Account Control Panel

Services by Alumni Listings offer you much more than traditional listing or yellow page type services on the internet today. Why ? You now have the ability to interact with those who visit your listing.

Visitors can help you by liking your Facebook page, connecting with you on Linkedin, following you on twitter. They can also email you directly from within your listing page and Services by Alumni stores that information for you, which you have full access too at all times.

Visitors can Follow you
Visitors can Recommend you

You can contact Followers and those that have Recommended you directly anytime within your Account Control Panel.