About the Artist

Mercy is a very creative artist and animal lover.  Her true loves are animals, art and the ocean.  Throughout her life she has had 31 Cocker Spaniels, 5 cats, 4 rats, 1 Mountain Lion, 7 Great Danes and 1 German Shorthair Pointer. She loved them all and started drawing them when she was very young.    

Mercys passion for Scuba Diving and the ocean has taken her on many adventures.  She lived in Hawaii for 7 years were she had a Scuba Diving Shop.  With every dive she grew closer to the ocean wildlife.  This bubbly realm just furthered her love for animals in general.  She has a greater appreciation for life due to all her journeys.

Mercy uses a soft pastel in her work because it is so versatile.  She can make your furry, feathered or scaled pet into a life like piece of art.



For a commissioned pastel art piece, Mercy needs a very detailed 4 x 6 photo of your pet.  Other photos are recommended for better results.  This way she can see the life in their eyes, the expressions on their faces and the true color and fluff.  The background is not important unless you want it in the piece.  The art piece comes in 14” x 17” unless special ordered ahead of time.


Head Only                      $100

Head and Body               $125

Detailed background      $25

Additional pets               $25 ea


The commissioned art will be in bright soft chalk pastels or charcoal on acid free paper.  This assures it’s long lasting with no fading or yellowing.  It takes approximately 2-6 weeks.  A sealant is put on upon completion so there will be no smudges.  

Call or email to see the latest work!!