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Site Inclusion: is a listings service for businesses categorized based on Alumni associations. does not warrant that a business listing is actually an alumni of any alumni group in which a listing may appear under, but will remove an alumni listing if substantial information is received by that raises enough doubt as to the businesses actual alumni status, no refund will be issued if a listing is removed for this reason. Services by Alumni may or may not be endorsed by any Alumni Group listed and is an independantly own service.

Individuals, businesses, and other such entities listing their information on the agree not to misuse, or cause to be misused any copyright information that they are not entitled to use. can not be held responsible for any such misuse because it is not the creator of any listing content itself and merely provides a display mechanism on the internet of user provided information.

All content displayed related to a specific business listing including but not limited to images, computer files, content are the property of the business and its owners who created the listing. does have the right to highlight any such listing in it’s advertising provided it does not alter the content as displayed in any substantial manner. is not responsible for any content provided by the business-listing owner. All content in any listing that appears on is the sole responsibility of the content provider. does not verify any business information is accurate. As such cannot be held accountable for any inaccurate or misleading statements made by the business-listing client or service.

We reserve the right to review listings at any point and, if we have found there has been any false representation as to the validity of the listing may at our own discretion terminate said listing(s).

Once a listing is active No Refunds will be made for any reason because resources have been expended with our system. Clients have the right to cancel their subscription at any times.

All Alumni Groups listed on do not indicate nor imply approval of an association with the actual educational, social group or business itself. All alumni group information listed within the web site is owned by

All illegal, pornographic or otherwise false information is prohibited from If any such information is discovered on the site it will be removed at the discretion of at any time.

Any user that uses for spamming, or potentially could cause harm to system resources needed to operate and maintain the servers will be removed and banned from the web site. maintains a list of IP addresses used by its customers when posting content in order to track such usage.

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